Sticker sizes

Audioprint has over 300 circle, oval, rectangular, square & triangular cutters in stock all the time which is essential for a fast turn around on your order. The size of these cutters range from about 12mm to an A4 page size.

We also carry custom cutter shapes and sizes such as:

  • Slanted rectangles
  • Diamonds
  • Bunting
  • Speech bubbles
  • Starbursts
  • Pentangle
  • Arced
  • Shield shaped

Bespoke cutters can also be made to order meaning it is possible to have any shape sticker you wish. However a slightly increased lead time is to be expected as we will have to have the cutter made for you.

Most of the time all you need do when placing your order is to supply us with the dimensions and we will find the appropriate cutter for you. If you are in any doubt give us a call, we like to talk.